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April 20th, 2017 - IGUS arrives, final Auger testing [ARCHIVE]

Hey everyone, quick update from earlier this week - our IGUS bushings came in, we've modified two extruders to begin testing, and so far testing is going well! Here are some pics of the changes:

Here are the samples from IGUS - thanks Purolator for the speedy delivery!

The bushing pressed into the end of the cold tube - it's a perfect fit.

Another shot of the bushing, showing the feed throat area.

The new auger - It's slightly raised where it meets the bushing to have perfect tolerance there, and prevent rubbing anywhere else.


Another shot of the auger...if you look closely you can actually see the raised section on the second and third flutes from the left.


Auger installed - it's a perfect fit with the bushing.

Last but not least, a head on shot of the installed's hard to see, but there's the slightest gap between the auger and stators. Not enough for plastic to sneak in and bind, but enough to stop them from ever contacting.

That's it for today - we'll post again once the testing is done!

-The ReDeTec team