December 14th, 2016 - slow suppliers & production update [ARCHIVE]

Hi everyone,

We've got some good news and bad news for this week. The bad news is that we are still waiting on our sheet metal - almost a month late at this point - and our gears.  The good news is that all of our in house production is still on schedule and moving smoothly, and we now finally know that our gears and sheet metal will be here by early next week at the latest...which is much better than the "ASAP" we'd been getting until this point!

Once they're here, we'll be able to assemble and ship out our first 20 "first run" units within a few days, and immediately move forward with the rest of the campaign units. We should be able to have the first run units out the door right around Christmas, with rush shipping of course, and the rest of the Indiegogo units shortly after. We should still be able to ship all of our pre-orders on Celery by March as originally planned, with the first shipments beginning near the end of January.

It's extremely annoying that both our gears and sheet metal are roughly a month behind, especially when we've been in constant contact with both suppliers! The fact of the matter is that everyone is struggling to increase production for the holiday season, and pretty much every other client of our suppliers can throw more weight (read: money) at the issue than we can. It's a little disheartening to have built up relationships with our suppliers over the past year or so, only to have them fall by the way side when it really matters...but other than communicating to them how urgent it is, there's not much we can do.

That being said, we are finally making some progress on all fronts. Our gears have been shipped and are in transit, and David is going into our sheet metal vendor tomorrow to help them finish everything so they can package and ship us all of our sheet metal. Then next week we finish final assembly, do some testing and final calibration, and ship! And of course, we haven't been just sitting around waiting - as mentioned we've kept moving forward with in house production, and built assembly jigs and test chambers to help speed things up even further once everything has arrived:

Moving ahead with production for the next batch - here's a bunch of grinder parts waiting to be assembled! 

Our new multi - unit test chamber. The original plan was to test the units one by one, but given how things have turned out we invested some time into this 8 unit test chamber. Fully vented, isolated, lit, and powered - all with one master computer so all 8 can be tested simultaneously! This will have a serious impact on our testing and QA going forward as well.

One of the assembly jigs / stations patiently waiting for some sheet metal. This particular area is the sheet metal chassis area - the bottom chassis goes onto the pre slotted black base, after which the rest of the chassis and components can be bolted in using the right hardware. 

Last but not least, our update frequency definitely fell a little bit over the past few weeks. We didn't want to post the same update - "still waiting on gears and sheet metal, should be here ASAP" - until we actually had some final, concrete dates. And since our sole focus now is on production, there isn't really anything else to update on. But we finally know for sure that we'll get everything next week, and then we can start shipping! It's extremely exciting, and a great way to wrap up what's been a delay ridden 2016. Next week should be exciting as everything finally arrives and gets ready to be shipped - stay tuned!

All the best,

-The ReDeTec team