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December 20th, 2016 - More inventory pics + Sheet Metal [ARCHIVE]

Hey everyone,

This update is mostly a photo dump of some more stuff we have. We got another shipment in on Monday and now have enough components for our entire Indiegogo campaign! The first batch of sheet metal arrived Tuesday morning and the rest of it should be here tomorrow. We'll do another post once everything is here, either tomorrow night or early Thursday...but in the meantime, some more components!

Snap discs - hundreds of them - make sure the heater doesn't get too hot, even if the software fails.

Fans - also in the hundreds - cool the filament. These particular fans have a flow rating of 23 CFM and pressure rating of 2.23 in H20 - so they can cool your filament quickly! They also have built in PWM to ensure it's never too cold for spooling.

Chains for our extruder drive!  They're #25 roller chain, which can hold 140 lbs...far more than we'll ever need.

It's a little hard to see what this box is, but these are some of our power cables - the EU ones, in this case.

Our fiberglass heater insulation keeps the heat where it should be - in the melt section - and improves the efficiency of ProtoCycler.

These USB breakout cables provide a sturdy, reliable, off-board USB connector for you to plug into. They bolt right into the enclosure so you can plug in hundreds of times without ever damaging the circuit board.

We also, of course, have tons of fasteners - screws, nuts, washers, and circlips...the list goes on.

In total, we have over 200 lbs of fasteners...

And they're all organized in beautiful little boxes!

Timing belt pulleys! These drive the spooler.

Many, many stepper motors. Our NEMA 23 auger motor provides 190 from just 1 A - so your drivers stay cool, while still providing plenty of power.

These are the main auger sprockets, that are driven by the stepper and chain. Combined with a 9 tooth stepper sprocket, these 45 tooth auger sprockets give a gear ratio of 1:5, for nearly 1000 at the auger!

Again, hard to see what these are all wrapped up - but they're the crank handle for the grinder (left) and the ball plungers for the grinder lid (right).

Here we've got some brass bushings used in our torque sensor (left), and some gaskets for our insulator stack that separates the hot and cold section (right).

The big one we've been waiting for...sheet metal! We've gotten three boxes so far with most of the smaller parts.

 These include our hoppers, seen here...

And our extruder mounts, interlock plate, and crank handles. We also have our stainless steel plates for the insulator stack (see bottom right), the stators, and a few other small brackets hidden lower in the box.

Last but not least...boxes! One metric ton of boxes, in fact.

This is the final packaging - CE compliant, and sure to protect your ProtoCycler as it travels to it's final!

Stay tuned for the final few days as components arrive and we start shipping! And if you miss the next update, a very happy holidays from everyone here at ReDeTec.


- The ReDeTec team