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Feb 10th, 2016 - UL begins, pre-production prototype vids, colour choices [ARCHIVE]

 Hey everyone,

So as of yesterday our final prototype is off at UL for testing! We've added all the things they've asked for like safety stickers, hopper shields, grinder interlocks, extruder venting, and even drafted up our user manual, and are now crossing our fingers they won't come back with anything critical or take too long!

Everything is ready for UL testing - and looking great at the same time :)

In the meantime we do have two videos to share. As we've now finalized the design of the unit, we turned our attention towards packaging and logistics - there's no point in shipping a great product if it's damaged by the time it reaches you! So, we've mocked up the component placement and packaging materials, and (other than taking it out of the box) took a quick little unboxing video. It's just a draft, but should give you an idea of what all is involved between opening your box and extruding some filament. You can check it out here:

We also decided to take a quick video overview of what the final unit looks like, and how it operates. As some of you know we seem to have a nagging issue of our fans running too high, so right as we shot the video our beautiful spool decided to get a "loose loop" in it, which of course isn't desirable!  This is definitely something we'll fix before shipping, and basically involves adding a quick line of code to the firmware that adjusts the fan based on the current flow rate, instead of relying on a preset value for each plastic type (which is what we currently do). We were hoping to get this tweaked before we sent it off to UL but the fact of the matter is we now have quite a bit of time between UL and manufacturing to calibrate all of our parameters, and didn't want to hold up everything else further by doing that first. Otherwise, everything is looking good and working even better! It's certainly taken longer than expected to get everything to this point, but we're extremely happy with the outcome and think you will be too - check it out here:

Otherwise we'll be spending the next little while doing all of that aforementioned calibration, and moving forward with manufacturing on all of the components that aren't UL critical, like the augers for our extruder and the fan / LED housings for the user interface panel. Cross your fingers for us that UL goes well, and as always thanks for your continued support!

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention, a *lot* of people have reached out asking how to change their orders to black. Whether you want to change black or to silver, or update anything else about your order (shipping address, etc), there are two methods based on whether you pre-ordered on Indiegogo or through our website: BackerKit, and Celery, respectively. In both cases, the steps are as follows:

  1. Find your order history (BackerKit has an account if you've already answered your survey, and we just e-mailed everyone who hasn't - Celery should have sent a confirmation e-mail for your order)
  2. Modify your order to select the correct ProtoCycler, ensuring you also select the right pre-loaded plastic and power region. For instance, if you currently have a Silver-PLA-Australia and want to switch to black, select a Black-Pla-Australia.
  3. That's it!

Thanks everyone, and as always don't hesitate to reach out with any follow up comments or questions!

-The ReDeTec team