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Jan 25th, 2017 - QC update & promo stuff [ARCHIVE]

Hey everyone,

A quick update this week - we've sorted out both of our QC problems from the last update and can confirm things are moving full steam ahead! The new interlock electromagnet mounting plate allows the interlock and electromagnet to be precisely mounted, every time, and loosening the tension on our spooler means it's now easy to assemble it without any risk of bending the motor shaft.

We're back at assembling the units with the new parts and should be able to ship in a week or so - UL is coming by to inspect our facility and make sure we're not cheating in any way (don't worry, we aren't) and then we just have to box and ship the first batch! Once they're out the door, everything should start running more and more like a well oiled machine so we can tackle our backlog as quickly as possible.

We do, however, have two exciting items on the agenda for this week. The first is that Dennon will be on BNN (Canada) as part of the "The Disruptors", tomorrow at 7 pm EST! Since we've made XTC finals more and more people have been interested to find out what ReDeTec does, who we are, and what are plans are going forward - and this is a great way to share that information from more of a business perspective.

Last but not least, it turns out one of very first supporters - in fact, the very first after our campaign ended - is actually planning on (hopefully, maybe, in some form) sending ProtoCycler to space! Julielynn @ 3D4MD has big plans to 3D print medical devices in space, and then re purpose them whenever needed using ProtoCycler. She's already managed to get a finger splint 3D printed in space...and we couldn't help but think that this is a super cool application of 3D printing. On that note, we'd like to start featuring some of our customers in our blog posts and social media, as we know a lot of you are doing some very cool stuff with 3D printing. Let us know what you're up to and you might end up in our next update!

That's it for this week - be sure to watch the XTC finals on Necker island next Thursday, the BNN segment tomorrow, give Julielynn a huge shoutout for her work, and get excited for the first shipment to go out!

-The ReDeTec team