Jan 29th, 2016 - Pre Production Prototype Pics [ARCHIVE]

Hey everyone,

As hinted at last night we don't quite have the videos ready as we forgot to order shear pins for the grinder, and they just got in this morning:

Sheer pins hold the grinder gears, etc together - they're critical to it's assembly.

We're spending today assembling the grinder and should be getting some videos over the weekend or early next week - the unit heads off to UL at the start of next week, right on schedule, to begin testing!

In the meantime, we've gotten the pre-production prototype assembled and did a quick extruder test with some of our existing recycled stuff - in no particular order, some pictures! PS, It's not too late to change your order to black if you'd like ;)

And, as a random side note before the pictures - we're currently in the top 3 for Autodesk's "Inventor of the Year" - we'd love to have your vote! Just click the following link and vote redetec, it's that easy :)

The wiring is much, much improved over Beta - no more rats nest, and everything is tucked up front where it should be!

While this definitely will void any UL safety (you're not supposed to be touching the electronics!) can access the ICSP header, stepper drivers, and 5V regulators if you'd like :) - they're normally covered with a panel as seen in other pics. 

Of course, we had to do a quick test before finishing assembly to make sure everything does :)

It's missing the grinder, but welcome to the final version of ProtoCycler! The silver has a very clean, professional look we really like, particularly when accented by the black side panels.

Out of the box or for storage / transport, ProtoCycler packs up nice and neatly - the spooler slides inside with the spool and shaft removed.

When ready for use, the spooler slides out (it's completely removable if you want to hack it for larger spools), and the front panel opens completely and stays open to allow easy access to the "post processing" area.

And now, presenting ProtoCycler in black :)

We really like the black. Like, a lot. It's just so sleek!

The specific finish is subject to change (we're going to see how dirty / fingerprint covered the gloss gets while waiting for UL), but boy is it beautiful. You can see how the spooler packs away in this picture as well.

The inside of the "post processing" area is still raw metal, as it both looks nicer and is easier to use when all the interior components are themselves black!

So there you have it - the final pre-production version of ProtoCycler. Some things may change ever so slightly based on UL and any nitpicky things we find while they're testing, but otherwise that's what you'll be getting on your doorstep in a few months! It sure has come a long way in the past year, from our original prototype, through to the pre-DFM beta prototype, to the final pre-production prototype...but between the increased functionality, rigidity, and safety, we think it's worth it! It's even the best looking, in our opinion :)

The three generations of ProtoCycler leading up to production - each one evidence of some serious work to make things better, safer, and more attractive for you!

Stay tuned for next week's update as we do a quick video walk through!

All the best,

-The ReDeTec team