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Jan 31st, 2018 - Outsourcing and Video updates [ARCHIVE]

Hi everyone,

A bit of a quicker update this week - and nearly all good news! We should have a (much) lengthier update next time as everything falls into place, but we didn't want to leave you all hanging in the meantime.


By the end of this week, Multiplex will be making chips! We've worked out our budgeting and machine sales sufficiently to move forward with them, so we should be getting our first parts back in a few weeks.

On a similar note, the hunt for space is coming to a close - we've got a few candidates we'll be touring over the next week or so, and will start moving ASAP - the plan is to be fully moved and ready for the parts to come in from Multiplex, so we can minimize any delays as we continue to ship out units.

In the meantime, the whole production team has been flying along, trying to get as many units out the door as possible before the move, as well as pre-assembling as many components for the next run as possible. Nearly all of our UI panels are already ready for the next batch of shipments after the current one, and we're spending the last precious time with our CNC equipment making some jigs to speed production even further.

Videos + Feedback + Support

By the time you read this, or at least by the end of this week, our "how to" videos should be up. Our troubleshooting guide and full manual have been up for a couple of weeks now, and hopefully you're finding them a helpful addition to the quick start guides that we've included right in the box. We're also sending out a survey to everyone who's received a unit so we can get as much feedback as possible on how to improve our documentation, our customer experience, and of course ProtoCycler itself. If you fill out the survey there's a good chance you'll get some free pellets or colourant out of the deal, and of course it will help us help you...never-mind that it's less than 2 minutes of your time (and likely less than 1!).

Of course, while we were filming the instructional videos, we realized we might as well brush up the rest of our content as well. Our website photos and videos are seriously old at this point, and are in dire need of an update. Thankfully we have some friends in film who agreed to both film us for free, and do it at night so we wouldn't interrupt production. How amazing is that! We'll likely have their videos ready in about a month - we've still got to edit everything in our spare time so that neither they nor us are distracted from our "real" jobs - but we're pretty excited to have a more professional video out showing everything that goes into ProtoCycler, and what all it can do! Spoiler alert - Both Siraj and a Succulent will be featured, doing their things: growing tall and grinding metal. We'll also be doing some origami...with our laser cutter. Isn't that what everyone uses their laser cutters for?

A few things we're still behind on 

Most notably, pellet sales. The issue is drying them - our current setup just isn't beefy enough to keep up with demand. We've done a few pellet sales via e-mail, need more dry pellets for testing, and of course include some free pellets right in the box. Between this, our current heat based drying system is taxed to it's maximum, and literally runs both of our drying systems around the clock to keep up. We'll be investing in a more industrial scale system soon, and have everything else locked pellet sales should be coming relatively soon.

Similarly, we've got a big upcoming announcement scheduled in the next few weeks - but it's not quite ready yet either, and we don't want to spoil the surprise. Last but not least, you might notice a few changes beyond our videos in the next week or two...but we'll talk about all of that in our next update!

Thanks everyone -

- The ReDeTec team