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July 17th, 2017 - Firmware solution posted, EU figured out. [ARCHIVE]

Hi Everyone,

A quick update this week - had hoped to get it out Friday but couldn't quite get the Sparkfun driver installation figured out.

A short one this week! We've gotten our firmware solution fixed and sent off to all of our first run backers...a huge thank you for waiting for us to get this done! The installer and desktop app are now all ready, and the website should reflect how to use everything in the next day or two.

In terms of shipping logistics, we've gotten the EU figured out, but are still working with our US tax layer to try and get the US done...their tax laws are way, way more complicated. It's looking like we might have to incorporate in Delaware, but we're hoping to know by the end of this week.

Otherwise everything is ticking along on schedule - hopefully we've got some more exciting news next week as well!


-The ReDeTec team