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July 28th, 2015 - Innovation Night #4 - Tiko 3D [ARCHIVE]

Hey everyone, Innovation Night is TONIGHT! And starting in a little less than an hour... :D

It's not too late to RSVP, do so here:

As a final lead up, our 4th host for the evening will be Tiko 3D! They've just come off one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever - nearly 3 million dollars! - and will be showing off the Tiko tonight. Here's my interview with Matt, their co-founder - as always, questions in bold.


Tiko 3D is one of the most successful 3D printing Kickstarters ever. You guys made nearly 3 million! What was that experience like?

Pretty awesome! It means that we now have the resources to pursue our ambitious vision of where 3D printing is heading. It means we can think bigger, move faster, and make a larger impact in the world. Even cooler is that in the span of a month we found 16,000+ people who shared our vision strongly enough to contribute. From day one, Tiko was built to be the next generation FDM 3D printer, and it's awesome to see how many people agree. We also get to overhear what people intent to make with Tiko, and we can't wait until they get to start!

How are you dealing with all of the excess demand? At those volumes, every little cost or error must be really magnified!

We were careful to structure our business with scalability in mind. Our core focus at Tiko is the R&D and design of cutting-edge 3D printers, and while we do oversee manufacturing we don't actually run the operation.We stay lean, and have expert partners for manufacturing. As long as we get the design and testing right, and ensure the pre-production models are up to spec, then there shouldn't be any problems. An ounce of prevention is, after all, worth a pound of cure.


Tiko is under $200. How did you manage to break that price barrier without sacrificing quality?

By developing a wide range of new technologies! Cutting-edge products typically cost more, sure, but in the grand scheme of things technology has actually reduced the cost of hardware. With every passing year you get more for the same price or less. This trend has always fascinated us, and it's emboldened us to challenge ourselves to make something better for less. This happens in every industry, and our hope is that innovators and entrepreneurs everywhere will be inspired by this (and maybe even use our printers) to create better, more accessible technologies themselves!


Now that you have the most affordable printer on the market, and some 16 thousand printers already on order, what's next?

Oh there is much to look forward to. There are so many technologies we have on our list that we can't wait to develop... it's just awesome! It's early on and we're just getting started, and naturally they are top-secret, but the future of 3D printing is going to be awesome - and it's going to be Tiko.


How do you see Tiko - and 3D printing in general - changing the world?

To the trained eye, the world around us is shaped primarily by the limitations of manufacturing methods. From building to airplanes to smartphones, limitations exist on the performance, cost, shape, recyleability, and energy consumption of many of today's products, and these constraints often stem from the manufacturing processes used to make them. The promise of 3D printing - and its ultimate end goal - is that one day we will be able to make absolutely any geometry out of absolutely any material. Imagine what we could make! Our goal at Tiko is to push the limits of 3D printing technology while keeping it accessible to everyday innovators, not confining it to some laboratory. It's about making a more sustainable, more technologically literate society. The future is bright, and we're working hard to make it real, one print at a time.


See you all tonight!

-The ReDeTec team