July 3rd, 2015 - Maker Festival! [ARCHIVE]

Hey everyone!

A quick update of the past week - we've been busy moving ahead with more endurance testing (particularly the grinder), applying for a grant to help us speed up our manufacturing and improve our quality even further, and putting our new extrusion setup through the paces now that our stepper motor's been sorted out.

We're also extremely excited to announce that we'll be co-hosting 3D Printing Innovation Night as part of this years MakerFestival TO.  Ourselves, Mosaic Mfg, Matter and Form, Structur3d, and Tiko 3D will all be demoing our products and showing everyone just how many cool things you can do with 3D printing! There will be scanning, printing, plastic recycling, paste extrusion, and multi material filament splicing...and tons of friendly people on hand to explain how it all works. There will also be - wait for it - free beer***! Admission is totally free, so if you're in the Greater Toronto Area or know someone who is, swing on by and check out all the awesome products we'll have on hand...It's going to be a great night! Leading up to the event, we'll also be quickly posting about why everyone else hosting with us is so awesome, starting with Structur3d early next week...but there's no replacement for seeing our tech in action, so swing on by and see for yourselves what the future of 3D printing looks like.


  • July 28th, 2015, 6pm to 11pm
  • 240 Broadview Avenue
  • An amazing night of 3D Printing Innovation in action
  • Free to attend
  • Free beer***
  • Must RSVP in one way or another***
  • Easily accessible by biking or transit (501, 504, 505, 506 streetcars all stop at our office or within one block)

***Don't worry, the beer really is free! Sadly though, this province has some pretty archaic liquor laws. Therefore we'll require a guest list, and you'll need to be on it to get in. To get on the guest list, either join the Facebook group above, or e-mail us or one of the other companies co-hosting. This is to ensure that we know who and how many people are coming, which is a requirement for serving alcohol. So, please do RSVP so you can attend!