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July 7th, 2017 - Delivery Progress, "Thank you!" video, Status Update [ARCHIVE]

Hey everyone -

TL;DR - we're working on a few stagnant issues like importation and firmware, want to say a massive thank you to everyone for being patient with us over the past two years as we made upgrade after upgrade to our tech, and units are starting to arrive. See the bottom of this update for a video saying all of that more clearly!

Otherwise...Quick and dirty this time. Another huge thank you to everyone so far, and for all of our first run customers for being so patient as we work through the initial bugs. This is a hugely helpful part of the process for us, because it lets us fix most of the things (unclear instructions, crappy firmware, incorrect settings) that we never discovered in house...and before we ship out the next units! And given all of your feedback we're getting another update out within a week...though e-mail still isn't quite there (we're working on it, I swear, but the crappy firmware has gotten in the way for this week).

So far, our automatic startup procedure seems to be not well explained - so we're fixing firmware and instructions on that. We also made a (sleep deprived) error in uploading the North America firmware, and uploaded some of the ABS settings into the PLA slot...which also left the ABS slot blank. In short, none of the automatic operation works. As the first run customers that have gotten their unit already know, we are aware of and are working to fix this, and should have a solution ASAP (we'll be working over the weekend to get it finished).

For everyone still waiting on their units, we're still dealing with two major hurdles - the first is our shipping logistics, which are progressing, but are largely dependent on our fulfillment providers (like FedEx, Canada Post, and Shipwire), our lawyers, and our accountants. Since this past week was a bit of a holiday for both Canada and the US, that's going slower than hoped...though we are still making progress. The second is that we still have hundreds of orders to ship, and it takes time to make and test each one! So far we've made a few improvements over the QC issues mentioned last week - like bogus circuit boards from our supplier sneaking through - but we still have some more work to do until everything is up to full speed of >100/month, which we are currently hoping to hit by August. On that note, we should still be starting to ship some "after indiegogo" pre-orders - based on location - within the next month.

Last but not least, our support page - with software, full user guides and manuals, etc - is a work in progress. We'll be getting the first draft published to our first run backers ASAP, and should have the entire thing live in the next few days. That being said, it will grow and change a LOT over the next month or so as we get feedback on what we need to include, or not include. And once everything like firmware has been finalized, we'll begin uploading designs as well - though Wordpress seems to be incapable of uploading cad files and software in a meaningful way, so if anyone has any suggestions there please shoot us an e-mail (we're looking at github for software, but are struggling to find an equivalent for all of our cad files...).

As always, a huge thank you to everyone for your patience - and hopefully you're excited as we are that units are finally being delivered! Last but certainly not least, Alex and I spent our lunch break today filming a quick video for you all - it was a one take wonder so the quality leaves something to be desired, but we wanted to say thank you and give a brief overview of what we've all done over the past two years, without taking any time away from everything else we're doing. Check it out on our Youtube channel here.


-The ReDeTec team