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March 17th, 2016 - Upcoming update - UL feedback and MFG update [ARCHIVE]

Hey everyone,

Apologies we've been MIA for the past month or so. We've had a lot of stuff to deal with from both UL and our suppliers - mostly good, but with a few hiccups to address. We're just going over the results of everything and reviewing what the best path forward is to minimize any setbacks and stick to our timeline as much as possible. It's sadly looking like we won't be able to avoid a little bit more of a delay  but by the end of this week we should have all of the information needed to move forward as quickly as possible.

Instead of releasing half of the information now, we think it's best to present everything with the plan going forward at once, and will be doing so early next week - and we definitely thank you all for your patience in the meantime! Until next week's major update however, a very quick summary:

-We've finished this round of UL testing and gotten the full report back - everything was great except for a minor wiring issue (easy) and concerns over 3D printed part flammability (not so easy)

-Our shipping system and fulfillment logistics are now largely in place, so costs have been nearly finalized for almost any country in the world. Yay global!

-We ran into issues with one of our suppliers being able to provide the volumes we need (when they said low volume, they meant 5-10, not hundreds), but we've already sourced a new supplier right here in Ontario. Yay local!

Full, lengthy update to come next week - thanks everyone!

-The ReDeTec team