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March 26, 2015 - Our First Blog Post! [ARCHIVE]

Hey everyone, and welcome to the ReDeTec blog. This page will be taking over the updating duty from our Indiegogo page going forward, to help make it easier for our customers to find what they're looking for. All of our info, updates, sales, etc will now happen on our own site at - bear with us as we sort out some kinks and make sure our site is fully up to date, but otherwise consider this your new portal for everything ReDeTec!

Some updates for this week:

Backer Surveys

For those that saw our last update, our backer surveys are finally out. We've had almost half of you respond so far, which is amazing...keep those answers coming! Most people are finding the survey super easy and quick to complete, with only one or two snags so far. Of note are Australia compatible power plugs, which we didn't include as an option...if you live in Australia or need one of it's wall/mains plugs, just e-mail and let us know.


We can finally take pre-orders! Thanks to the lovely folks over at trycelery, any of the pre-order buttons on our website now directs you to a sales portal. We're still trying to polish the appearance slightly, but the functionality should all be there. Pre-orders will ship on a first come first serve basis, once all the campaign units have been sent if you know anyone who's been waiting to buy, now is the perfect time!

Green Living Show

We've been so busy with testing, logistics, and general fulfillment activities that we almost forgot about The Green Living Show, where we'll be exhibiting over the weekend courtesy of the MaRS Discovery District. Some serious power restrictions are preventing us from doing any live demos, but we'll be on hand with our prototypes and test prints/spools to answer questions and spread the word. It should be a great show, so if you're around the Toronto region swing on by and say hi!

That's it for now - enjoy the rest of your week!

-The ReDeTec team