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March 31st, 2017 - 2/3 down, nearly ready! [ARCHIVE]

Hi everyone,

A quick update from us on how our previous three issues are going -

1) The laser is 100% back up and running, and we've switched things over to minimize fire in the future as well (thank you everyone for the suggestions on how to do so!). It's been completely cleaned, re built, re calibrated, tested, and is back up and running...yay!

2) The grinder solution has been confirmed - we ran thousands of cycles of testing with no difference whatsoever in the safety or functionality, and are confident we've found the solution and can move forward on this aspect as well.

3) The auger solution has gone through two iterations at this point. In our last update, we talked about how stator misalignment from the screw holes was causing pre-mature wear on the auger.  Adding the dowel pins fixed things initially, and we felt good about moving forward, but decided it was also worth endurance testing while we were endurance testing the grinder. Upsettingly, over time the force between the auger and pellets could cause it to loosen it's tolerance, and start wearing away again. We've now switched to a brass auger and higher tolerance machining of the cold section and auger, and endurance testing is so far looking promising - we haven't seen a single particle of brass caught in our filter since we started. We're hoping to have this confirmed by the start of next week, at which point we'll be back in action.

Next week's update will summarize everything more thoroughly and give a better road map going forward, as well as discuss some other developments in pellet sales, fulfillment, etc. We've been working hard to get these final issues sorted out so we can begin shipping and keep on top of our e-mail and communications in the meantime - so thank you to everyone who's reached out with sympathy, support, and suggestions! As one of my personal favorite e-mails said, it's looking like there's finally some light at the end of the tunnel, instead of just another oncoming train :)

- The ReDeTec team