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March 3rd, 2018 - Moving update #1 [ARCHIVE]

very quick update today as we're all quite tired, and have lots of work left - we're working through the weekends to minimize the disturbance of moving. As of today we have the entire upstairs moved (minus some packaging) and have started on the downstairs - the entire office, kitchen, and stock room are moved. On Monday / Tuesday the dev / mfg team move the shop and assembly space, and on Wedneday / Thursday the assembly / testing team move the remainder of assembly including current inventory and all of the testing / QC space.

Some pics - and we'll continue to update through the move. Please be a little more patient with the phone durnig the upcoming week as we switch the service from our old office to our new one, but we'll be fully back to speed the following week!


-The ReDeTec teamTo say we packed the Uhaul as full as we could is an understatement.

The old office - pretty much empty except for some foam packaging and a few empty computer boxes for recycling.

As promised by our new landlord, the office was completely clean, with brand new leveled and painted floors to boot! It looks pretty small in the first picture because there's nothing to offer perspective - but the ceilings are actually 14 feet and it's about twice as big as it "looks" from the photos.

Taking a break after moving everything in before bringing back the uhaul.A shot of the back half of the new space, and the back quarter which will be our office - everything else is dedicated to production, customer support, and R&D. Even though this new space is smaller than the old one, we won't have any production machinery in it since Multiplex is doing that now - so we're actually gaining about 200 sq ft of space!