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Oct 13th, 2016 - Grinder wheel teaser, price / charge warnings [ARCHIVE]

Hey everyone - quick update for this week, with two to come next week to make up for lost time.

First, a warning on pricing - as we near the end of UL, another friendly reminder that the price WILL go up once we receive UL and begin shipping units. If you've been following along anxiously waiting for us to enter production but don't want to spend more than $699 on your unit, now is the time to order! Our next update will also have some updates on shipping, which may rise $5-$10 for a few pre orders as replacing all of our plastic with metal has increased the weight, and might affect our shipping (we're just confirming now - stay tuned). This will not affect any campaign units from Indiegogo, and we're hoping to reduce / eliminate the effect on pre-orders as much as possible. Far more importantly, however, is that we will be charging our post-campaign / website pre-orders once we receive UL and start shipping. This doesn't have any real effect as everyone who pre-ordered through our website has effectively already paid, but as we've mentioned before we haven't actually charged any of those orders (they're in holding right now). While Indiegogo orders have of course been charged and cover the initial 150 units we're producing, we will need to charge the remaining orders to pay our suppliers, to ensure there's no production gap between the Indiegogo units, and campaign units. The only reason this might be an issue is if your payment information is no longer correct - if your charge fails, you will lose your spot in line, and after waiting so long we wouldn't want that to happen! We'll be e-mailing all of our pre-orders to warn before we charge in case anyone misses this update, but if you see this update and realized your CC is no longer valid, or you need to change your shipping address, please contact us to resolve it ASAP so we aren't flooded with e-mails all at once! Similarly, we will be locking in ALL shipping information and order information once we receive UL! This is for both Indiegogo backers (backerkit) and Pre-orders (celery). So, if you need to update your shipping address, want to add some pellets to your order, want to change your unit colour, or anything else, please do that ASAP! We'll provide more warnings on an almost daily basis through social media, and weekly through e-mail beginning next week, but please do check and let us know ASAP if anything needs to be changed (or, better yet, if you can update it yourself through BackerKit or Celery, it saves us some time :) )

Speaking of getting UL, we've received a semi-official confirmation date from them - Oct 24th. Mark your calendars...we're almost there! There haven't been any issues at all so far, and our 120 V units are nearly done being tested. And the 240 V units are identical to the 120 V units except for the heater, so we're getting pretty confident that we'll actually, finally be done in a little over 10 days! Yay!

Now, on to the production section of the update, featuring the grinder wheels. We've gotten a lot of requests of getting some videos of these being produced. We don't quite have video yet for two reasons - 1) we're still having an issue getting quality video in the Okuma, as the coolant goes *everywhere* and it's no fun looking at flood coolant for 10 minutes. 2) We're still optimizing the tool paths for speed and accuracy - the current cycle time per wheel is about 15 minutes on the lathe, but we'd like to get it closer to 10. That being said, please see the below "teaser pics" of some grinder wheels being made!

Turning the raw steel to size to hold the bearings at the end

Another angle of finishing the outer surface - and a thank you to Lulz for the stickers from Maker Faire :)

One end done! 

Perfect fit for the bearings :)

Last but not least, the grooves have been cut!

And the wheels line up perfectly :)

That's it for this weeks update - please share it with anyone you know that has ordered one so we can try and get as many addresses, etc locked in over the next week as possible.


-The ReDeTec team