Oct 19th, 2017 - 20 units ready to go out! [ARCHIVE]

Hi Everyone,

As promised last week, we're just about to ship out another 20 units today to start off this next batch of 100! Here they all are assembled and ready for UL testing and final inspection...

Our first rack of 10, ready to go - one unit is out for inspection and is getting its lid, on the right.

Once they get inspected, the lids go on, firmware gets loaded, and they're run through a quick diagnostic one by one - before getting loaded into the testing chamber for a break in. How many ProtoCycler's can you spot in this photo?

We've got one unit getting firmware loaded (the laptop and white cable on the left), and Alex is actively calibrating a unit on the many others can you find? Note also all of the completed extruders, waiting for the next 20 chassis to be assembled and sent out!

We're still rolling out our tracking system, finishing up firmware updates, and fleshing out the support section of the website - but those should come pretty soon over the next few weeks as we continue to ship out this run!

Thank you all for your patience and support as always, and stayed tuned as we shift into a more continuous production environment...things are finally starting to get exciting :)

-The ReDeTec Team