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Oct 24th, 2016 - UL update, order updates...lots of updates. [ARCHIVE]

Hey everyone!

Three things this week - UL/Orders, Shipping, and Production.

UL / Order status

It's October 24th, and you know what that means - we should have UL today.


*Pause for dramatic effect*...

WE DO!!! (With one caveat, see below - testing vs report).

As almost everyone has maybe already read, we do have some very exciting news - UL has finished our testing and is just finalizing their report. As soon as they do, we finally, officially, for real, have our confirmation and can move forward with everything (expected to be 5-10 days). We cannot stress how excited we are by this...they're still refusing to acknowledge that everything has been completed and issue our stamp until the report is complete, but we've been given the "in writing" green light by them to order our critical components, and testing has been completed without any concerns. This is one time that pure excitement outweighs the need to be somewhat professional, so...YAYYYY :D :D :D !!! We are ECSTATIC about this news, and hope you are too - we've all been waiting more than a year for this day to come and, a small anti-miracle notwithstanding, it looks like a week from now we'll finally be able to officially claim UL status. For those that have been asking recently, this includes the full international gamut - UL, ULc/CSA, CE, FCC, RoHS...the works. As I said above...YAAAYYY!!!!

This means we're finally able to order all of our "UL critical" components, including circuits, enclosure, etc  - which also means, as you may have seen in our first mass e-mail, that we're about to charge all of our existing pre-orders. If you have an order with us you've already been notified of this via e-mail, and the response has already been (literally) overwhelming. To clarify a few things, which we'll send out in another e-mail tomorrow - this does not mean your order is about to ship, just that we're about to charge you and begin production of your unit. All previous statements on backlog, etc, still stand - so if you just ordered yesterday, you'll still be waiting a few months to get your units as we get through our backlog. Another thing is that you can make any shipping / billing changes yourself with your old confirmation e-mail from Celery that you received when you first placed your order. With hundreds of orders outstanding, we would be hugely thankful if you can make any changes yourself, as I've already received over 100 e-mails since we sent it out and can only respond so fast!

Speaking of existing orders...anyone who pre-ordered with PayPal over a year ago has been contacted as we need to re validate their order. This sucks, especially since you've waited the longest, and we're really, really sorry - we had no idea it would be an issue until we sent out our last update and one of our customers brought it to our attention. It's taken a little longer than we'd hoped to get that all sorted out as painlessly as possible, so we hope you'll forgive our final request of re confirming and forgive the delay in getting this update out until that was dealt with. To re confirm, this last issue / request is ONLY for people that pre-ordered, with paypal, over a year ago...if you didn't get an e-mail specifically addressing that issue, then it doesn't affect you :)


Some more news on the shipping issue brought up last week - As you know, we were worried we might have to increase shipping costs, as the UL mandated changes increased the amount of metal in the unit, increasing it's weight, which increases shipping costs. The final verdict? Shipping costs will go up, but only for orders after this point - so this increase will not affect anyone who's already ordered. The US and Canada will stay very close to our original targets, only increasing by about $10-25 based on state...New York is a lot easier to reach than California or Alaska! Europe, Australia, etc will sadly have to go up more, as the added metal has pushed us into a new weight category - over 20 kg - that makes it much more difficult to ship internationally. While our shipping costs are still *far* less than anything else you could find yourself (thanks to corporate and bulk discounts), we sadly couldn't quite keep them as low as they used to be, and the new pricing fairly reflects the real cost to get the full unit to your door in one piece. These price increases will be occurring very shortly, as soon as we charge existing orders and move from the "pre-order" phase, but as clarified do NOT affect any existing orders - you've all waited far too patiently for us to increase shipping last minute, so we're covering the increase ourselves for any existing orders.

As a bit of an example, please see the below spreadsheet - it gives a bit of an indication on the cost increases on some popular locations around the world. Keep in mind that most of Europe is similar to Great Britain and places like New Zealand will be similar to Australia. As shipment frequency increases in the future, we may be able to bring some of these costs back down, but for now this is the best we can do. That being said, we encourage you to see if you can beat us, and please let us know if you do so everyone can benefit! The chart shows the actual cost - in USD - for a standard consumer from three major options: Canada Post / USPS, FedEx, and UPS. For anyone looking to compare, it's a 20" x 18" x 15" box weighing 22 kg (48 lbs). Also shown is our existing costs, and what the price will rise to - and all of these are shown for 5 major areas that together represent most of our market.

Production Update

Despite tons of fun trying to lower our shipping costs, dealing with UL to make sure we don't slip, etc...we have actually made a lot of progress in the last week or so with production. Namely, we've verified all of our samples that go into first run units, meaning volume orders of everything are showing up on a daily basis! Keep in mind this is all stuff we could order before UL, but it's still very exciting to see it all showing up. Que photo dump of raw parts / metal...

Components - But which ones, you ask?

Lots and lots of servos...

...And literally hundreds of pounds of bearings!

We also have 5 of the biggest boxes we've ever seen from Digikey, with things like wiring, connectors, fuses, regulators...pretty much everything except our circuits.

There's also tons of raw metal to be machined! Here's some of our aluminium stock - the round bar is for stuff like augers and hot tubes, and the flat bar / plate makes things like mounting brackets, particularly for the grinder.

It's hard to believe, but that's around 1000 lbs of 4140 high carbon steel!

The same 1000 lbs of steel as above, but now cut into handy 4 foot lengths for easy conversion into grinder wheels :)

They don't look that pretty now, but once they're done being machined, these will form our grinder wheels! And speaking of our grinder wheels...

Last but not least, we've got another video. This one's really short, but compares two camera perspectives we've found that do a decent job of a) not getting so flooded with coolant you can't see anything b) still being close enough to the action that you can actually tell what's going on. Please give it a watch and let us know which perspective you like better - we'll be using it to film the entire grinder wheel production very shortly, as everyone keeps wanting to see it! Let us know your comments on Facebook, Twitter, or on the Youtube video itself...and we'll tally the votes and shoot some more clips soon.

Anyways, that's it for this week...hopefully you're all getting as excited as we are for the next few months of fulfillment!


-The ReDeTec team