Sept 26th, 2015 - Super quick Maker Faire + TCT update [ARCHIVE]

Hey everyone!

First and foremost, thank you all so much for the flood of e-mails and comments RE: our last post on the further delays - it means an incredible amount to us to have your support, we could not be more thankful :)

This update will be very quick, but we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the two fairs we're going to be at right now / next week. Alex is still in Toronto right now working away with David on the production model, to make sure we don't waste any time on that front. While that's happening, I'm in NYC with the development prototype for World Maker Faire (which ran today, and continues tomorrow)! We'll also be going to the TCT show in Europe on Wednesday and Thursday of next week, the 30th and 1st of September and October, all respectively. As we mentioned before, these are our last two big tours before we begin shipping, and we're particularly excited to show it off to everyone in Europe, who've never seen ProtoCycler before! If you're in New York tomorrow, swing on by our booth in the startup zone, and if you're able to make it to Birmingham (just north of London, England) then come check us out at the TCT show, where we're co exhibiting with Structur3d :)

All of that being said, it's fitting that we're now done with that prototype has been somewhat destroyed. While this isn't the first time we've flown with our prototype, apparently this time it looked a little too much like a Texan clock, and suffered the wrath of a customs inspection...

Nothing like opening your suitcase to find 3kg of pellets EVERYWHERE, and your prototype squashed into oblivion. They even left the bubble wrap...sigh.


I did my best to try and make it presentable, but the circuit board is curved and the front panel bent off one of the mounts...the hopper is just *gone*, the spread has been snapped, the extruder mounts broke, etc etc :'(

We're considering bringing a production prototype to TCT so we can demo the entire setup instead of just the grinder, and a sincere apology to everyone who's coming to the NYC Maker Faire and wanted to see it in action! Rest assured that the production version, of course, comes in a sturdy metal chassis, followed by an equally sturdy metal enclosure, and will be properly shipped / there's no chance it will get damaged during transit.

As always, please feel free to e-mail with any comments, concerns, questions or suggestions - and let us know if you'll be at Maker Faire or TCT, as we'd love to meet you all! Until then, wish us luck with customs to Europe, and happy making :)

All the best,

-The ReDeTec team