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Sept 28th, 2016 - MFG, UL, & Maker Faire updates [ARCHIVE]

Super quick this week as we prep for the faire!

1 - Video is up of us (Ok, it's just Siraj) machining the hot section of ProtoCycler. It's a relatively complex procedure with some turning, milling, drilling, and threading operations - but it's one of the most important parts of the unit, so it's worth putting some extra care into! You can watch the hot section being made here - and apologies again on the poor video quality (this time due to a lack of focus, and coolant going *everywhere*)

2 - Given it's now been over 4 weeks, we asked UL for a schedule which point we found out that they are still "on schedule" but also clarified that their schedule is 3 weeks behind ours. Apparently the units sat in their labs for almost a month before they did anything with it...which wasn't mentioned until we asked if they were done yet. We're getting really sick and tired of dealing with them, and will be using a different safety certification body in the future for sure. And, of course, I'm sure you're all getting pretty sick and tired of their delays as well! Nevertheless, we don't have any design issues or critical setbacks to report on, which is good, so another 2-3 weeks from now we should be ready to go :)

3 - Maker Faire! We'll be in the 3D printing village, with the whole team out to answer any questions. Swing by, check out the units in action, learn about anything you want, and of course see some of the stuff we've printed recently. We've started playing around with powders instead of pellets as the filament colour is MUCH more consistent - we'll be selling our pellets this way in a ton of different colours, so even if you already own a filastruder, filabot, or similar, it might be worth checking out to get that perfect colour you've always wanted!

Coloured pellets...are awesome.

I think that's it for now - If you're around New York this weekend please swing by, and otherwise we should start shipping very soon!


-The ReDeTec team