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Sept 5th, 2017 - Hiring progress [ARCHIVE]

Hi everyone,

So we're a week late on this update...but improving! As you all know by now, we're in the midst of hiring some people to help speed things up. Progress is good on this front, and mostly explains why the update is late - we've hired two full time staff and one part time to help us with production (1.5 in the shop, and 1 in assembly). We're still looking for our final assistant in assembly but are hoping to have them on board in the next week or two. Hiring always takes quite a bit of time as it's important to make sure the person you're bringing on to your team is a good match, and that they can get their job done on time and on budget...but we're almost there!

We're also about ready to ship out our next shipment, so final confirmations will be going out this week for those that haven't yet responded to their address confirmation (if you have, don't worry, we got it!). We're also doing our first major revision to the support section of the website, and once hiring is complete should be back to weekly (instead of bi weekly) updates.

Otherwise we're looking to ship out another 100 units in about a week, and then another 100 every month after that until our backlog is done! I know we've still got a few upset customers hanging around but we're working on speeding everything up and keeping on top of both updates and e-mail, and we very much appreciate all of the feedback and assistance so far as we work to get it done.

Another big point from last weeks update is that we're going to be changing our prices and shipping logistics in the near future...and it's almost here! We're still working away on our shipping and fulfillment plans but should have the new pricing and hopefully free shipping ready by next week...assuming nothing else comes up!

That's it for now - keep the comments and suggestions flowing, and we'll follow up with more news in the next week or two.

- The ReDeTec team