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Spring 2018 update - Torque sensor bearings confirmed, Grinder wheels in Tuesday

Spring 2018 update - Torque sensor bearings confirmed, Grinder wheels in Tuesday

Hi All,

A quick update from Wednesday - good news on all fronts!

First and foremost, we managed to machine down some bearing races to be narrower and properly chamfered - see below for some of the awesome handiwork. 

reduced race bearing

We then installed them in some of our misbehaving drive sections (and of course some that were working, to ensure it would work as a solution across the board), and the results have been conclusively great - every single unit we've tested this with has worked flawlessly so far. It's also allowed us to drastically reduce the time needed to calibrate things as we no longer need to be nearly as precise - the bearing fits safely inside the chain even at "quick and easy" tolerances. 

Installed reduced race bearing

Specifically, we can now just shim the torque arm all the way forward, use a jig to install the two sprockets...and the bearing will ride safely within the chain regardless of any variances in production tolerances from our suppliers.

The next step is to start machining down our existing bearing stock and source custom race bearings ASAP, so that we can install them in all of the waiting units and ship them out the door within the next week or two.

In terms of the grinder wheels, our production team was down in St Catherine's yesterday to confirm that the new grinder wheels are perfectly in spec and being properly handled by the finishers. They're being nitrided today and should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest (Monday is a stat holiday in Canada so our supplier won't be able to ship that day).

That all means that the second half of May will be a flurry of assembly, testing, and fulfillment - good news for sure.

We'll keep everyone posted, and thank you all as always for your patience and support as we strive to fulfill your units!