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At ReDeTec
, we believe the world of plastics can be fundamentally improved to be more sustainable, more intelligent, and more profitable. We combine patented extrusion hardware with proprietary Artificial Intelligence to bring plastics extrusion technology into the 21st Century.

Our MixFlow extrusion technology reduces the energy consumption of a typical extrusion system by up to 75%, and also permits an increased level of recycled polymer to be used without any degradation in output quality. Combined with our AI powered software, we are able to completely automate the process while meeting or exceeding both the throughput and quality of any competitor.

The first market we’ve tackled is the rapidly growing 3D printing space, where both the cost of feedstock and rate of waste produced are high. Our first product, ProtoCycler, allows users to generate their own 3D printer filament from either virgin or recycled material for a fraction of the cost of “off the shelf” offerings, while also giving full control over both the colour and material used. In operation at companies such as NASA, Yamaha, and Boeing, ProtoCycler is used around the world to give our customers a better way to 3D print.

We are now actively expanding beyond the 3D printing space into the global industrial plastics market. With our technology, plastics producers in this $1T market will be able to significantly increase their profit margins, eliminate plastic waste from the supply chain, and significantly reduce their GHG emissions. With a successful pilot demonstration already complete, we are excited to begin commercializing our technology at the industrial scale – and change the way plastic is processed for the better.