Turning 3D Printed Wastes Destined for Landfills into New Filament with ProtoCycler+


Pantheon Prototyping is a 3D printing prototyping shop. Naturally, this results in a lot of excess 3D printed parts which Pantheon takes responsibility for, and uses a ProtoCycler+ to turn into new filament.

About Pantheon Prototyping

Pantheon Prototyping is not a typical 3D-printing service. They provide a premium prototyping experience via their in-house CAD, manufacturing, and technical consulting services. They strive to make R&D and product iteration a breeze while saving their customers money. They are located in Toronto.


The Challenge

Part of the challenge of being a rapid prototyping service is dealing with all the waste that is produced when 3D printing. Pantheon Prototyping realized early on how quickly failed prints accumulated, and needed a way to properly dispose of them.

Assorted 3D printed plastic waste

The waste collection services in the area do not sort or recycle 3D printing plastics. This meant that all the waste they were collecting would end up in the regular garbage disposal, and then eventually into landfills.

The founder of the company, Nick Di Scipio, was not fond of the status quo, and sought after a solution to the growing waste problem.


The Solution

After some searching, Nick came across the ProtoCycler+. The device is an all-in-one solution for turning plastic waste into 3D printer filament, without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the materials. The device comes with an industry exclusive built-in grinder to shred plastics into granules, that can then be fed into the filament extrusion system.

ProtoCycler+ by ReDeTec


Not only did it solve the problem of recycling the waste being accumulated, but it also put it back into use for the business!



With a ProtoCycler+ in their possession, Pantheon Prototyping is able to close their 3D printing loop, and turn all their waste parts into new filament.

They are also working with York University to recycle all the waste produced by the campus’ 3D printers into new filament.

“It’s a great way to use material that was otherwise going to be thrown away, and give it new life”

Nick Di Scipio, Founder, Pantheon Prototyping


About ReDeTec

ReDeTec is an advanced plastics manufacturing company, and an industry leader in the 3D Printer Filament Extrusion and Recycling Space.

Our flagship product, ProtoCycler+, allows users to make their own filament for 3D printing, recycle 3D printing waste, and experiment with the making of novel plastic filaments.

We take pride in the fact that our clients rely on us for the best extrusion technology on the market, lowering their ecological footprint, and providing the most comprehensive software for making new plastics.