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Pellets, Additives, and Accessories

Shop for everything you need to feed your ProtoCycler - and your 3D printer! Our materials and accessories include raw pellets in multiple plastic types, dyes and additives to customize your filaments, and supply packs with everything you need to extrude today!

Looking for something specific you don't see? Let us know and we can probably source it for you - just contact

Plastic Pellets

Regular price $6.00 USD

These high quality pellets are specifically engineered for 3D printing, and provide a superior 3D printing experience. Our pellets undergo an exclusive 5 step drying process, ensuring that they completely dry and ready to use when they arrive at your door.

  1. The pellets are completely dried in our advanced industrial drying system.
  2. Sterile Mylar bags are filled with 500g of pellets.
  3. Desiccant is added as a protective measure.
  4. The packaged bags are then vacuum sealed to remove all air.
  5. The resealable Mylar bags are then heat fused to ensure an air tight seal.

We have the ability and industry connection to source many interesting and unique types of pellets. Please let us know if you would like us to source materials for you.

Additives and Dye

Regular price $2.50 USD

Transform your neutral uncolored pellets with our vibrant colorants and additives.
Mix and blend different colorants to create any color imaginable! Each packet is enough to fully color one bag (500g) of pellets.

We have the ability and industry connections to source many interesting and unique types of colorants. Please let us know if you would like us to source materials for you.

Supply Packs

Regular price $240.00 USD

Supply Packs have been created for schools, libraries, businesses, or anyone who uses 3D printing on a daily or weekly basis. 

These packs are perfect for creating and streamlining in-house recycling programs as well as extruding filament for larger scale usage, such as in schools, maker spaces, or businesses. Get everything you need to make spool after spool of vibrant, customized filament, and recycle all of your 3D printed waste. Four levels of supply pack are offered based on your usage requirements. See contents of each supply pack here.

Want to customize your mix pack? Contact us at and we'll customize the colours and materials for you.