Meet ProtoCycler

3D Printer Recycling

ProtoCycler is the first and only system for recycling waste plastic into new filament. Customize the colours and materials of your 3D printer filament. Save Money, Recycle Waste, and Have Fun.


Re-Use 3D Printed Waste

Transform your school or businesses' 3D printer waste into new spools of 3D printer filament.

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Save Money

Reduce your 3D printing cost by 80%.

By creating your own spools from virgin plastics, you can reduce the cost of 3D printer filament spools by up to 80%. This saves hundreds or thousands of dollars per year on printing costs.

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Create new filament types by blending plastics and plastic modifiers.

Create custom colours to match your brand, or transition filaments to create unique, one-of-a-kind prints.

Unleash Your Creativity

Industry Leading Features

  • Integrated Recycling

    ProtoCycler is the only extruder on the market to feature an included grinder. Recycle your 3D printer waste, and make it back into filament.

  • Patented MixFlow™ Technology

    ProtoCycler uses state of the art extrusion technology, with fully automatic built in diameter feedback. Get perfect 3D printer filament, every time.

  • Automatic Everything

    Automatic spooling. Powerful software. Full computer control and hackable to your hearts content. The only automatic filament extruder there is.


Are you shipping yet? How long will it take for mine to show up?

Yes we are! Due to demand we currently have a backlog of orders to fulfill. Our current lead time is about 4 months.

What kind of plastics can I use? Can I mix plastics?

Right now, we have PLA and ABS fully automated - with HIPS, Nylon, PETG, and a few others coming soon. You can also experiment with manual mode to calibrate ProtoCycler for new plastics. Mixing plastics is generally not recommended, unless you know what you're doing - but if you're looking to experiment, we're here to help!

What if I don't want to use recycled plastic?

Don't worry! We sell virgin pellets as well - you'll still save ~75% over regular spools of 3D printer filament, while getting more control over the colour and additives you use.

  • Recycle your 3D printing waste
  • Recycled 3D printing waste
  • Extrude your own 3D printer filament
  • ProtoCycler makes ABS and PLA filament spools
  • 3D print in multiple colours with ProtoCycler

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