Meet ProtoCycler+

In Good Company

ProtoCycler is used around the world by industry leaders in both business and education.

Professional Quality

Industry exclusive dual optical diameter feedback, patented MixFlow™ extrusion technology, and integrated cooling and spooling systems provide maximum performance - giving you the best 3D printer filament there is.

Incomparably Capable

Only ProtoCycler+ can operate fully automatically - or let you take full control. Adjust, monitor, and automate over 30 extrusion parameters with ProtoCycler Command Center.

Save Your Wallet - And The Planet

Reduce 3D printing filament costs by 80%, and recycle all of your waste in the process. Whether it's your bottom line, or the planet's... ProtoCycler+ just makes sense.

Use Cases and Testimonials

Unbeatable Performance. Nothing Sold Seperately.

ProtoCycler+ is the most comprehensive solution on the market, offering everything you need to extrude 3D printing filament. It also combines market leading quality, efficiency, and performance - making it the best extruder available, regardless of your needs.

  • Integrated Grinder

    Industry exclusive built-in grinder lets you recycle your 3D printing waste.

  • MixFlow™ Technology

    Our patented extrusion technology is 3x more efficient than the competition.

  • Integrated Spooler

    Fully integrated distributed spooling system ensures your filament is ready to use with any 3D printer.

  • Advanced Control Systems

    ProtoCycler+ combines a full suite of digital control systems, for perfect filament every time.

  • Cutting Edge Extrusion

    MixFlow™ Extruder uses 3x less energy than competitors, while offering superior throughput and performance.

  • A Fully Equipped Filament Factory

    Cooling fan? Check. Spreading and spooling system? Check. Twin diameter sensors with intelligent control? Check, check, and check!

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reprint

    Reduce costs and eliminate waste by reclaiming your 3D printing waste with the built in grinder. With ProtoCycler+, you can 3D print without consequence.

Independently Certified. Globally Compliant.

No other filament extruder is fully certified to global standards. From the classroom to the lab, ProtoCycler+ is the safest system for making your own 3D printer filament on the market.
UL Certified

Independently certified to international UL standards for thermal, electrical, and mechanical safety.

FCC/CE Compliant

ProtoCycler+ exceeds all applicable electrical regulatory standards.


We really care about the environment, so ProtoCycler+ is manufactured in full compliance with RoHS directives.