ProtoCycler V3

$5,999.00 USD
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ProtoCycler V3

$5,999.00 USD
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ProtoCycler V3 is the most advanced desktop extruder on the market. It features revolutionary extrusion hardware and digitally regulated filament diameter control. Our state of the art software enables a new level of extrusion control when experimenting with polymers and additives. 

Note: ProtoCycler V3 (Grinderless) does not include the mechanical grinder. Perfect for those who already have a grinder, or are only interested in creating filament.

Shipping Details

  • Ships around the world with the correct plug and voltage for your region
  • Free shipping within Canada and the continental USA

    Why ProtoCycler V3?

    • Patented Extrusion Technology

      Our patented MixFlow™ extrusion technology exposes your plastic to less energy, for a shorter amount of time. Making the system 3x more efficient than our closest competitor.

      The absence of viscous shear and thermal degradation also results in improved surface finish and quality of the filament you create.

    • Close the 3D Printing Loop

      Become a self-reliant 3D printing workspace or lab by making your own filament, recycling your 3D printing wastes, and letting our software produce filament on autopilot.

      The system includes an integrated spooler which will neatly spool your filament, and a mechanical grinder to shred wastes into reusable plastic.

    • Reduce Costs and your Footprint

      The ProtoCycler V3 pays for itself. It will save you money on material costs and lower your ecological footprint. Make filament in the exact quantities you need, and recycle any 3D prints and wastes that you no longer need. Save up to 80% of the material costs of 3D printing.

    • High Quality and Safety Standards

      Every unit is made with precision machined North American made components and sent through a full multi point inspection and performance test in Toronto, Canada, before being shipped. The only extruder certified to UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS specs.

    Under The Hood

    Labelled ProtoCycler+ parts

    Advanced Extrusion Software

    Descriptive diagram of our extrusion software

    Technical Specifications

    Assortment of engineering tools
    • Performance

      - Supports PLA, ABS, PETG, HIPS, Nylon 12, and more!
      - Diameter Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
      - Throughput: 500g/hr max
      - Electrical Usage: 90-120W average
      - Dimensions: 15" x 14" x 9" - 20 kgs

    • Extruder

      - Patented MixFlow™ Technology
      - 300W Heater
      - 250 C max temp. High temp version coming soon!
      - 1000 oz-in Auger Torque
      - Stainless Thermal Barrier (Insulator)

    • Control System

      - Twin Optical Diameter Measurement Sensors
      - 0.01mm Measurement Precision
      - High Power Cooling Fan
      - Intelligent Diameter Control System
      - Integrated Spooler with Distributed Spooling

    • Grinder

      - CNC Machined Steel
      - High Torque 32:1 Gearing System
      - Safety Interlock System
      - Standard 5/16" Hex