ProtoCycler V3 extrudes high quality 3D printer filament. Make your own 3D printer filament with ProtoCycler V3!

MixFlow™ Technology

The most advanced extrusion technology available

Proven Performance

Inspired by 3D printing, MixFlow technology changes how plastic is melted. The result? A more efficient, higher quality, and more affordable way to extrude plastic.

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Improved Performance

Traditional systems churn a screw through molten plastic to ensure it's properly melted. This requires extra energy, and causes more wear and tear on components. MixFlow separates the drive section and melt section with a thermal isolator - just like in 3D printing - reducing energy consumption up to 75%, while improving throughput.

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MixFlow extrusion technology improves the quality of your 3D printer filament

Reduced Cost

Because MixFlow doesn't need to churn a long screw through the molten plastic - which takes significant energy - it's more affordable to produce, and lasts longer than competing technologies. This allows ProtoCycler V3 to offer both the highest performance and best value on the market.

ProtoCycler V3 uses MixFlow technology to make your own 3D printer filament

Higher Quality

Traditional systems degrade plastic every time it's extruded, weakening it by 10% or more. MixFlow uses lower energy processes that preserve plastic quality, reducing degredation to 1% or less. This results in higher quality, stronger filament - even when it's recycled.

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Benefit Summary

Don't get left behind. Only ProtoCycler offers these key benefits:
Improved Performance

MixFlow is more efficient than traditional technology - Allowing higher throughput and more automation.

Reduced Cost

MixFlow's patented technology is more affordable to produce, lasts longer, and takes up less space than outdated competitors.

Higher Quality

Whether you're extruding virgin or recycled plastic, ProtoCycler V3 is proven to create the highest quality filament possible.