Automatically make filament for 3D printers with our advanced software

Command Center

Advanced Extrusion Software

Unparalleled Control

Easily control and monitor all extrusion parameters with our intelligent, automated software system.
Intelligent Automation

Our software allows complete automation of filament extrusion. We use artificial intelligence to continuously optimize over 20 parameters, ensuring the best quality filament possible.

Experiment with Precision

Control, monitor, record, and analyze every aspect of extrusion. Experiment with all new polymers, or optimize existing plastics for increased performance and consistency.

Profile Database System

Our software allows you to create and share new automatic profiles. You can also download existing profiles that are proven to work as-is, or modify them to suit your needs.

Easy as 1, 2, Done.

ProtoCycler V3 is the only system on the market with completely automatic operation. Load your plastic, select automatic extrusion...and that's it.

Save time and improve your productivity with ProtoCycler V3.

Highly Adaptive

Thanks to MixFlow technology, our software is able to uniquely tune the operating parameters to an ever increasing number of plastics. Plus, our latest firmware uses machine learning to automatically adapt to new plastics on the fly - ensuring your filament is always in spec.

Extrude your own filaments today with ProtoCycler V3.

Extrude PLA filament, PET filament, Nylon Filament, HIPS filament, ABS filament with ProtoCycler V3

Profile Customization

Download, modify, create, and share. With our profile management system, you're able to save up to 10 unique profiles on your ProtoCycler V3 that control every aspect of extrusion, automatically.

Learn more about how automatic profiles can save your business time.

Unleash your Creativity.

Want to experiment with new polymers, additives, or blends? Manual mode gives you full control over every single aspect of extrusion, and allows you to monitor, log, and analyze over 40 parameters. No other system makes experimentation so easy.

Create Custom 3D Printing filament now with ProtoCycler V3.

Command Center Filament Extrusion Software

Connect. Control. Automate. Optimize.

Command Center software comes with everything you need to bring your filament extrusion to the next level. Unlock the full potential of ProtoCycler V3 with these industry leading features:

  • Connected

    Stay connected with the latest firmware and profiles, so your ProtoCycler V3 is always running at its best.

  • Powered by AI

    Powered by artificial intelligence, our software and firmware can automatically learn and optimize new plastics.

  • Endless Data

    A real-time data readout and graph, combined with a full extrusion log, allow you to keep track of over 20 parameters.

  • Digital Everything

    With full digital control of every aspect of extrusion, ProtoCycler V3 is able to outperform the competition.

Software Download Links

What are you waiting for? Start extruding 3D printer filament today! Please ensure you select the correct software for your unit - units shipping as of Sept '22 generally require 3.10, and units that shipped prior to that generally require 3.2.7. ProtoCycler will tell you which firmware version it has when you turn it on - use that to double check.
3.10 - 64 bit

For firmware version 1.10

3.10 - 32 Bit

For firmware version 1.10

3.10 - Mac

Coming soon! E-mail if you would like to beta test the latest version of our software!

3.2.7 - 64 bit

For firmware versions 1.04 and older

3.2.7 - 32 Bit

For firmware versions 1.04 and older