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ProtoCycler V3 For Business

Advanced Experimentation for Professional 3D Printing and Prototyping

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ProtoCycler V3 combines cutting edge technology and intelligent software to accelerate your productivity. That's why it's the extruder of choice for leading businesses around the world.

Businesses create their own 3D printer filament with ProtoCycler V3

Expand Your Business

In addition to one of the largest material selections on the market, ProtoCycler V3 can be used to create custom filament, including otherwise unavailable blends. Our proven technology facilitates all common 3D printing filaments in any color you desire for prototyping, including PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, PA12, and many more.

Extrude PLA filament, PET filament, Nylon Filament, HIPS filament, ABS filament with ProtoCycler V3

Develop New Solutions

Create all new blends of filament to give your business a competitive edge. Our powerful AI driven software allows you to monitor your experimentation in real time, making necessary tweaks and monitoring changes as you go. Then, review and study your data to guide the next round of experimentation prototyping.

ProtoCycler creates high quality custom PLA 3D printing filament, PET 3D printing filament, Nylon 3D printing filament

Increase Your Productivity

Time is money. That's why ProtoCycler is the only system on the market to use advanced control algorithms to handle every aspect of filament creation - from extrusion, to cooling, to spooling - completely automatically. Effortlessly create spool after spool of 3D printing filament with ProtoCycler V3.

make perfect spools of 3D printing filament, PLA filament, ABS filament, PETg filament, nylon filament.

Automate Your Production

ProtoCycler V3 allows you to create proprietary, automated profiles with full control over every aspect of filament extrusion. Deploy your new polymer blends across your business with speed, accuracy, and precision.

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Engineers discussing prototyping parts


I was impressed at the control my team had in filament prototyping. The hardware and software were much more accessible and comprehensive than the large filament extruder we use for fiber infused PLA. It was very easy to know what parameters to change when prototyping new filaments. The data outputted by the sensors allows you to know what parameters to adjust from basic temp and speed to PID weights. We were able to prototype and extrude new filaments in a relatively short time span. We got the results we wanted. Best filament extruder for prototyping without a doubt!

I love making good quality filament with my ProtoCycler! The menu structure is easy to understand and the ability to load and create new profiles is great. Having the ability to change settings on the fly (through the software) is really useful while experimenting with new materials as changes can be made in real time.

I tried the ProtoCycler+, and it is a perfectly functional device! The filament extrusion software works great. I have nothing but praise!

Very cool tech! I have had a lot of fun being able to personally recycle my own prints and make my own filament using the ProtoCycler+

A Prototyping & Production Powerhouse

Get the job done with these key features.

Mix, blend, and extrude a wide variety of thermoplastic filaments. Develop new filaments and expand your business into new opportunities.


Our advanced, AI driven software makes prototyping new filaments a breeze. Control and experiment with over 40 parameters of extrusion.


Track and examine all aspects of extrusion to create your own automatic profiles. Automate your entire system for maximum productivity.

Gain a Global Edge

ProtoCycler is used by hundreds of businesses around the world to gain an edge on the competition. Don't be left behind - contact our sales team today to see how ProtoCycler can help your business thrive.