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ProtoCycler+ For Business

Advanced Experimentation for Professional 3D Printing and Prototyping

The Choice of Professionals

From Automotive to Aerospace, ProtoCycler+ is used by industry leaders around the world for their custom 3D printing prototyping and production needs.

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Infinite Material Selection

ProtoCycler+ has been used to develop previously incompatible polymers into printable filament blends.

ProtoCycler+ can create many types of plastics, including new polymer blends into 3D printer filament. Our patented MixFlow™ technology can extrude any thermoplastic with a melting temperature up to 250°C. Our proven technology also facilitates all common 3D printing filaments in any color you desire for prototyping, including PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, PA12, and many more.

Blue Plastic Pellets

High Level Experimentation

ProtoCycler+ ensures that the filament you create is constantly monitored and precisely adjusted to stay within tolerance.

Our device empowers individuals to prototype or create high quality filaments from unique materials and compositions. Industry exclusive dual optical diameter sensors utilize continuous feedback to ensure filament is always within specified tolerance.

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Rapid Filament Prototyping

Researchers around the world have used our technology to develop new filament blends and prototypes to meet their unique needs.

Our powerful AI driven software allows you to monitor your experimentation in real time, making necessary tweaks and monitoring changes as you go. Then, review and study your data to guide the next round of experimentation prototyping.

ProtoCycler Command Center Software

Automate Your Production

Develop fully automatic profiles to scale up your custom filament extrusion and production.

ProtoCycler+ allows you to create automated profiles with full control over every aspect of filament extrusion. Deploy your new polymer blends across your business with speed, accuracy, and precision.

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The Complete Solution

ProtoCycler+ offers all of the features you need to get the job done.
Rapid Prototyping

Mix, blend, and extrude a wide variety of thermoplastic filaments.

Full Data Logging

Track and examine all aspects of extrusion to create your own automatic profiles.

Software Assisted Extrusion

Our advanced, AI driven software makes prototyping new filaments a breeze.

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