ProtoCycler+ For Education

The Extrusion Technology of Tomorrow - For the Scholars of Today

Use Cases and Testimonials

From Grade School to Graduate Level

ProtoCycler+ is the leading filament extrusion and recycling system for students of any age.

The Extruder of Choice for Eductation

Educators around the world turn to ProtoCycler+ for these impressive features:
All in One System

Only ProtoCycler+ comes with everything you need to begin extruding and recycling your 3D printer filament, right off the bat.

Certified Safe

ProtoCycler+ is the only filament extrusion system for 3D printing that is independently certified to meet UL, FCC, CE, and RoHS standards.

Fits Your Needs

ProtoCycler+ works with any FFF/FDM 3D printer, and was designed from the ground up with students in mind.

More Sustainable

Recycle existing 3D printer waste into new creations. Students can learn and improve their designs, without wasting plastic.

More Affordable

ProtoCycler+ significantly reduces the cost of running a 3D printing lab, paying for itself over time.

More Fun

Allow your students to embrace their creative side. Create custom 3D printer filament in any colour or polymer you need.

Trusted Around the World

ProtoCycler+ is used by over 100 school districts in over 20 countries around the world.

The Complete Educational Ecosystem

At ReDeTec, we offer everything you need to outift your classroom, lab, or entire department with the best extrusion technology. We offer industry leading hardware, software, and materials to ensure you're as successful as possible in making your own 3D printing filament.

Cutting Edge Hardware

ProtoCycler+ comes with everything you need to extrude top quality, completely custom filament - at a fraction of the price. It also allows you to recycle 3D printed waste right out of the box, saving both the environment and your wallet.

Advanced Extrusion Software

Our Command Center software allows you to monitor and control every aspect of extrusion - making experimenting with new filament types easier than ever. Or, sit back and let automatic mode do all the work, with an ever increasing list of supported profiles.

Plastics and Additives

We offer a full line of supply packs, raw plastics, and additives to ensure you're completely ready to go from day 1. Purchase a supply pack and get everything you need in one go, or pick and chose the plastics and colours you want.