Learn how to create your own 3D printer filament with ProtoCycler V3

Documentation & Downloads

Everything you need to operate ProtoCycler - User Manuals, STL Files, and Software downloads

User Guide and Manuals

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Note that as of September '22, ProtoCycler V3 has begun shipping. For upgraded manuals, please select the Version 3 option below. For existing units, please select "previous version" below.

ProtoCycler+ User Manual

ProtoCycler V3 User Manual

This manual covers all aspects of ProtoCycler V3 setup and operation. Please fully read and understand this before operating ProtoCycler V3!


Version 3

Previous version

Command Center User Manual

Command Center Manual

This manual covers all aspects of Command Center software, from installation to advanced commands. While not required, Command Center significantly increases what ProtoCycler V3 can do, and so we recommend becoming familiar with its operation.

Version 3

Previous version

Advanced Extrusion Theory

Advanced Extrusion Theory

If you're looking to begin experimenting with new plastics, or playing around with manual control, this manual is a must read. It will give you more insight into how ProtoCycler V3 operates, allowing you to develop your extrusion skill set more quickly.

Version 3

Previous version


STL Files

Need to print a replacement for one of your 3D printed parts? Download the appropriate STL file below, and print away!

All parts are designed to be printed out of PETg with 4 shells and 50% infill. 

Grinder Parts

Grinder clearers TOP

Grinder clearers BOTTOM

Grinder feed lid

Grinder drawer

UI Parts

Idler arm

Light guide base

Light guide slide

Light guide swivel

Spooler Parts

Spooler hub 1 (pin)

Spooler hub 2 (nut)

Spooler clutch adjustment knob

Spooler tensioner arm

Spooler tensioner body

Software Download Links

What are you waiting for? Start extruding 3D printer filament today! Please ensure you select the correct software for your unit - units shipping as of Sept '22 generally require 3.10, and units that shipped prior to that generally require 3.2.7. ProtoCycler will tell you which firmware version it has when you turn it on - use that to double check.
3.10 - 64 bit

For firmware version 1.10

3.10 - 32 Bit

For firmware version 1.10

3.10 - Mac

Coming soon! E-mail info@redetec.com if you would like to beta test the latest version of our software!

3.2.7 - 64 bit

For firmware versions 1.04 and older

3.2.7 - 32 Bit

For firmware versions 1.04 and older