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Filament Extruder Comparison

Filament Extruder Comparison

Interactive competitor Repository How does ReDeTec's ProtoCycler compare against other filament extruders? How do you know which filament recycler is best for you? Click a company in the menu below to find out.

ReDeTec vs. 3devo

ReDeTec’s ProtoCycler is a low-cost alternative to 3devo’s Composer and Precision series extruders; it even comes with a built-in grinder so you don’t have to buy one separately! ProtoCycler is versatile enough to fit the use cases of both the casual hobbyist looking to recycle their old 3D prints as well as the enthusiast who wants detailed control over every extrusion parameters.
3devo 3devo 3devo

ReDeTec vs. Filabot

Filabot’s EX2 extrusion system is large and capable, but if you’re looking for something smaller and easier to use ReDeTec’s ProtoCycler is your best bet. With its small form factor, all-in-one functionality, and advanced control systems, new users can spend less time tuning and more time extruding!
3devo 3devo 3devo

ReDeTec vs. Felfil

Felfil’s Evo Extruder is cost-effective if minimal extrusion speeds are needed, but for those wanting more than 150 g/hour ReDeTec’s ProtoCycler is a similarly compact, all-in-one recycling system that comes with a built-in grinder. The ProtoCycler also ships with advanced control systems and free software, allowing for both extreme control or automatic hands-off extrusion.
Felfil Felfil Felfil

ReDeTec vs. Wellzoom

ReDeTec’s ProtoCycler is an all-in-one filament recycler that’s perfect for a new extruder that doesn’t have the experience to fine-tune a complicated system like the Wellzoom Line II. ProtoCycler even comes with a 1-year warranty just in case something goes wrong with your extrusion!
Filabot Filabot Filabot

ReDeTec vs. FIXstruder

FIXstruder offers a barebones plastic recycler that won’t break the bank. But for the user who wants to get more out of their extruder, ReDeTec’s ProtoCycler is an advanced solution that can do all the shredding, extruding, measuring, and spooling in a single convenient package.
FIXstruder FIXstruder FIXstruder

ReDeTec vs. Noztek

The Noztek Pro line of extruders might be a good match for a professional with lots of space and a large budget. But for the majority of extruders, ReDeTec’s ProtoCycler simplifies the decision-making with an affordable, all-in-one extruder that is perfect for common 3D-printing materials. And as you become more comfortable, you can use ProtoCycler’s state-of-the-art software to unlock unmatched control over extrusion parameters.
Noztek Noztek Noztek

ReDeTec vs. RobotDigg

If you don’t have enough space or extruder experience to spring for one of RobotDigg’s affordable extruders, consider ReDeTec’s ProtoCycler! It can recycle all the most common 3d-printed plastics with minimal hands-on-attention; with the standard 1-year warranty, even newcomers to the recycling world can extrude with confidence.
RobotDigg RobotDigg RobotDigg

ReDeTec vs. Filastruder

If the steep learning curve of the Filastruder looks daunting, ReDeTec’s ProtoCycler provides all the same extrusion functionality (and an optional grinder) in a single, pre-assembled package. And if anything goes wrong, ProtoCycler’s 1-year base warranty has you covered.
Filastruder Filastruder Filastruder

ReDeTec vs. Filafab

If you don’t have the time or experience to fine-tune a Filafeb extruder, ReDeTec’s ProtoCycler has the advanced software and automatic profiles to make extruding a piece of cake; less guesswork, more recycling. You can even create your own profiles, and share with others to get the optimal spool!
Filastruder Filastruder Filastruder

Disclaimer: Although attempts were made to provide an objective comparison, we acknowledge that at least some degree of bias is likely. Please only use this post to assist with your own research prior to making a purchase.
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