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Looking to learn more about how to use ProtoCycler+? You've come to the right place. Our Engineering team has created a set of instructional guides, to help you with everything from your first start up to advanced manufacturing and theory.

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ProtoCycler+ User Manual

ProtoCycler+ User Manual

This manual covers all aspects of ProtoCycler+ setup and operation. Please fully read and understand this before operating ProtoCycler+!

Command Center User Manual

Command Center Manual

This manual covers all aspects of Command Center software, from installation to advanced commands. While not required, Command Center significantly increases what ProtoCycler+ can do, and so we recommend becoming familiar with its operation.

Advanced Extrusion Theory

Advanced Extrusion Theory

If you're looking to begin experimenting with new plastics, or playing around with manual control, this manual is a must read. It will give you more insight into how ProtoCycler+ operates, allowing you to develop your extrusion skill set more quickly.